(4:00 minutes in)

People are becoming aware of the scam of global warming. I was watching a video of a local town hall meeting recently and was surprised to see people who hadn’t fallen for the global warming scam speaking out. They booed TIm Bishop when he stated that he believed in the religion of global warming.

New York Congressman Tim Bishop spoke at a town hall meeting on June 22nd in Setauket, NY. He was met by a group of whole hearted and passionate Americans. They wanted their voices to be heard on something that is so important to everyone, health care. When a man asked a question relating to global warming. Bishop said this, “The overwhelming weight of the evidence, the scientific evidence, is that global warming is real and that..” Bishop was then interrupted by shouts and boos. Bishop then turns his head and smirks.
“No”, said one woman,
“It’s not true.” said another.
More booing.
Bishop Continues, “I also believe that it is caused by human activity.”
Bishop is booed again.

Maybe this is a con that the people won’t fall for. Maybe the big ol’ boys will have to go back to their think tanks and storm up another one.