“…an 81-year-old man who died last week MAY have had the West Nile virus.”

I heard a loud noise and saw a mist in the air the other day in my neighborhood. I did not know what it was until I was informed by my neighbor that we had been sprayed for mosquitos infected with the West Nile virus. There have been articles in the North Shore Sun and the NY Times recently about it. As far as I have heard no one was informed of the spraying previously to the incident. There is a form you can get to opt out of the program on suffolkcountyny.gov.

Is it worth spraying around my neighbors young child with harmful chemicals? I really wonder which could be worse because according to the mayo clinic, “If you become infected with West Nile virus, you may only experience minor ones [symptoms] such as a skin rash and headache”. Specialists have said the risk of spraying is worse that the risk of the virus itself. Areas were sprayed during the afternoon not at 11:30 PM as was claimed by the North Shore Sun.

“Indiscriminate spraying of pesticides, especially in heavily populated urban areas, is far more dangerous to human health and the natural environment than a relatively small risk of West Nile Virus.” — Concerned Physicians and Scientists (stopwestnilesprayingnow.org)

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