By Phil Vohl

We let the camel stick its head into the tent everytime we allow there to be any exceptions to our Free Speech Rights and now the camel creeps deeper. In the past censorship seemed reasonable, pornography as an example, like sex, was something private, not to be viewed in public and the mainstream. Most people would agree or had been conditioned into that. We continue to see the Orwellian mind control slave state impose itself on our lives more and more. While justifying itself with what seems reasonable; for example, There are certain things children shouldn’t see, like sex; we simultaneously allow ourselves to be converted into doltish conditioned children, defanged, sterilized, blinded and hypnotized.

I was recently denied the ability to post this article, titled, UN to produce bullion coins as world currency
on facebook and received this message:

[click to enlarge]

Warning: This Message Contains Blocked Content
Some content in this message has been reported as abusive by Facebook users.

Excuse me, who is being abusive here? This topic always brings me back to this video ( which discusses how Facebook is associated with the CIA for the purpose of profiling all members. The truly sad thing is not the censorship itself, but the apathy of the people to this type of control.